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Emergency treatment of anaphylaxis: Guidelines for healthcare providers

This guideline is for healthcare providers who are expected to treat anaphylaxis during their usual clinical role (e.g. doctors, nurses, paramedics) working in a hospital or out-of-hospital setting.

The most recent version of this Guideline was published in May 2021. It replaces the previous guideline from Resuscitation Council UK: ‘Emergency treatment of anaphylactic reactions – Guidelines for healthcare providers’ (originally published January 2008, annotated July 2012 with links to NICE guidance).

To find out what has changed in the 2021 version of the Guidelines, please download our quick-read Introduction and summary of key changes document (PDF).

Experts from Resuscitation Council UK’s Anaphylaxis Working Group developed the 2021 version of these Guidelines, compiling insight and knowledge to develop a series of Guidelines that provide the best chance of survival for a person experiencing anaphylaxis.

As part of our clinical process for developing clinical Guidelines, Resuscitation Council UK launched a public consultation for this Guideline in December 2020, which closed in February 2021. The Anaphylaxis Working Group then reviewed the feedback received, and included all relevant feedback in the final version.

Download the 2021 Emergency treatment of anaphylaxis: Guidelines for healthcare providers Guideline (PDF).

Anaphylaxis Posters

Anaphylaxis algorithm (PDF)

Refractory anaphylaxis algorithm (PDF)

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